Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

the past few years my parents have had thanksgiving dinner early because my dad works on thanksgiving, so we had it the saturday before. my parents always make great food and we had a good time with everybody.

my little pilgrim and indian!
we went over to helen and kevin's house a few weeks ago and she made us these adorable hats
on thanksgiving day we were invited to eat over a t the flynn's house. so we went over with nicole and baby kennedy and had a good time. that was really nice of patrick's mom becky to invite us!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


we had a fun halloween this year. johnny was mr. incredible, and kate was a bumble bee. we went to the ward trunk or treat the night before halloween, and the kids met up with alexis, the scary witch.
tommy took the kids trick or treating on halloween night. they got lots of candy, that i threw out the next day because it was a big, fat MESS!

then the kids came over to my parents house and sophie came over too. they did a little trick or treating with her.

disneyland trip

the first thing i did as a single mom was take the kids on a trip to disneyland. this was their third time there. my nanny christine was nice enough to go with us, and we had a great time with the kids. it was a little hard, but worth it. we love christine.

she got the kids new jammies and gave them to the kids right before we left so they could be excited the whole way there.

johnny was afraid of pirates of the caribbean again, so we decided to have him meet captain jack sparrow himself to show that pirates are nice. kate carried around a bag of fruit loops for half the day. it was so funny because she just held on to it no matter where we went. jack sparrow wanted her to share, but that didn't fly with her.

johnny carried around these pamphlets of disneyland that had goofy on the cover. he called it his goofy book, and he managed to hold on to two of them for two days. he wanted to show the pirate his goofy book.

we got tickets to mickey's trick or treat party. they hold it at california adventure at night and kids dress up in their costumes and can ride the rides and they have candy stations where the kids can trick or treat.

kate was the cutest little bumble bee ever. she wore herself out by the end of the night.

i wasn't sure if i loved johnny's costume... until we saw all the characters from the incredibles. they were so cute with him. there was a big party and a dj playing fun music for everybody to dance to

we met up with angie for lunch and shopping on saturday. christine was nice enough to take the kids on the carousel while angie and i tried on clothes.
kate's new face

Saturday, November 1, 2008


thanks for all your support. i will post very soon.