Monday, April 27, 2009

fun day

over spring break we got to spend time with darren and his daughter jules. i went to california with the two of them the first couple of days, then we all hung out together later in the week. we went to the park one day then colored easter eggs together. it was a great week.johnny, jules, and some random girl on the slide
the 3 of them

kate is crazy lol


this year for easter the kids woke up and found eggs, we went to church, then dinner at my parents. we had a good time and great food. kate on the lawn at my parents

johnny and i

the gorgeous spread. my mom never disappoints.

we had to wake sleepy head up. she is such a princess. she loves to sleep in.

the kids' baskets were hidden, so when johnny woke up he said "the easter bunny didn't come. because where's my basket??" so he was really excited when he found it. all he had been asking for for weeks was an umbrella. lol. so the easter bunny brought him one.

the kids looked so cute in their church clothes. i make them hug and kiss each other every day so they stay best friends.... we'll see how long that lasts, lol.