Saturday, November 7, 2009

summerlin pumpkin festival

in early october we attended the summerlin pumpkin festival. it was so much fun. they had bounce houses, face painting, games, food, and of course a pumpkin patch. the kids got to take a few pictures with some of their favorite characters.

sponge bob and patrick did a few songs on stage and kate wanted to go up there. i told her kids cant go on stage, and she wasn't too happy. but then she got to march around the field with them doing a train


we signed johnny up for soccer in the fall. his team is the canaries, and coach sherman is really great with the kids. he even scored a goal the first game! he doesn't love soccer, so this may be the last season for us. i think it was fun to try though..

go braves

in ausust darren and i got to take a quick trip to LA. we were there for a baseball game but got to visit rodeo drive and the LA temple too

we got awesome seats to the dodgers vs braves game. darren has been a huge braves fan since childhood, so he was very happy when they won

dodger stadium has a great view of LA. it was a beautiful day


the kids celebrated their birthdays together this summer. johnny's was in july and kate's in august. i took the kids to build-a-bear for the first time for one of their gifts. kate made a hello kitty and johnny made a black bear.

i had a party for them at my parents' house. i did a hawaiian themed party. we swam and barbecued, and even had a pinata. it was a fun day.

Friday, August 7, 2009

4th of july

4th of july is one of my favorite holidays because the festivities last all day. we started with the summerlin parade which was surprisingly great. we will definitely be back next year. then we went to my parents house for swimming and BBQ. the kids spent the evening with their dad, and darren and i went with my family to the amazing fireworks show in boulder city. then the boys had to light off a few more at home. we had a great time.

the kids loved all the different floats. they even had a few disney characters and passed out candy.
i love to make the kids get all festive lol

Saturday, June 20, 2009

james and stephanie's wedding

on june 12th we went down to la jolla to watch james and stephanie tie the knot. we all had a great time and we know they will make a great couple. we are excited to welcome steph into the family!they look so happy!
the dudes
steph and her daughter bailey
the mitchells
vaness, mom, and me


Monday, April 27, 2009

fun day

over spring break we got to spend time with darren and his daughter jules. i went to california with the two of them the first couple of days, then we all hung out together later in the week. we went to the park one day then colored easter eggs together. it was a great week.johnny, jules, and some random girl on the slide
the 3 of them

kate is crazy lol


this year for easter the kids woke up and found eggs, we went to church, then dinner at my parents. we had a good time and great food. kate on the lawn at my parents

johnny and i

the gorgeous spread. my mom never disappoints.

we had to wake sleepy head up. she is such a princess. she loves to sleep in.

the kids' baskets were hidden, so when johnny woke up he said "the easter bunny didn't come. because where's my basket??" so he was really excited when he found it. all he had been asking for for weeks was an umbrella. lol. so the easter bunny brought him one.

the kids looked so cute in their church clothes. i make them hug and kiss each other every day so they stay best friends.... we'll see how long that lasts, lol.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 months for this??

yes, it has been 2 months since my last post. so the few people who actually checked my blog probably already gave up. but i seriously have not taken any pictures (except these few). we have had a lot going on, and i'll update later.
but for now enjoy the blossoming 2 and 1/2 year old that is getting more grown up by the day... kate. i love this paris themed dress

i was dragging my feet that morning and let the kids head into the kitchen before me. big mistake. but she was so cute i did let her eat ice cream for breakfast.
looking so big
she cracks me up. she was actually saying "cheese" under the wax lips