Sunday, December 28, 2008


the kids had a great christmas this year. it was the first time they had christmas twice. they spent the day at their dad's and santa came the next night at mommy's house. about a month before christmas i started asking the kids what they wanted. their answers pretty much stayed the same until santa came. what was i to do??? johnny wanted the easter bunny and kate wanted poop.
kate helped make cookies for santa. johnny was too busy.waiting for santa

after santa came

hmmm, what else is in here

christmas sweater party

this year for christmas eve we decided to have a christmas sweater themed party. i have known a lot of people to go to christmas sweater parties, but i have never been to one, and it was so much fun! my parents made great food and we had a white elephant gift exchage also. i missed the kids that night but they had fun with their dad.

we took a couple of pictures in front of the christmas tree before church on the sunday before christmas. i tried to teach them a little about the true meaning of christmas.

gingerbread house

this year was the first year i have ever made a gingerbread house. the kids have gotten a little bigger so i thought it would be fun. it looked easy enough. but actually it was a little challenging. in fact, the roof came very close to collapsing. so i let the kids take over while i baked cupcakes. we had a fun time in the kitchen that day.

kate eating the candy off the roof

the kids did most of the work

our lousy excuse for a gingerbread house

christmas cupcakes

johnny being a big helper

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


monday morning i woke up to the sound of what i thought was light rain outside my window. i got out of bed to look outside and was so shocked when i saw it was SNOW! it snowed all day long and we got to play around and make a snowman. johnny, being the boy that he is, threw it at us as much as he could. but i couldn't get mad because hey, i was so happy that it was snowing, who cares? right? we made hot chocolate, listened to christmas music, and had a fire going in the fireplace. a perfect winter day. it was sad to see the day end because who knows when that kind of a day will happen here again...

the snowman we built on our backyard... just ignore the fact that johnny isn't wearing shoes. lol. he had already gone inside to warm up and i dragged him back out for a picture.

at the little park across the street from our house

Saturday, December 6, 2008

this post is dedicated to angie...


back in august angie came to visit, and we went to the paul mitchell hair show together. we attended an eighties party that weekend, so after we got ready we took a few pictures and posed kind of silly. the face angie made has made an impact in our lives, and pictures will never be the same.........

johnny calls it the angie face.
(and he started doing this pose in almost every picture completely on his own)

..... and then he got KATE doing the face